Lake Highlands Restaurant Week

Why We Exist

Lake Highlands is home to a large number of non-profits that are truly impacting the lives of those living in Lake Highlands and the neighboring communities. However, not everyone that needs help knows where to find it and not everyone that wants to help knows how to provide it. This is why we created Helping Lake Highlands. To help connect those who need help with those who can provide help.

Our Mission

It's tough to get the word out about your non-profit or organization's fundraiser or event. Even though you think it reaches a large number of people in Lake Highlands, it might not. We want to help connect those wanting to provide help with those needing help in our community.

Event Calendar

One of our goals at Helping Lake Highlands is to assist organizations in getting the word out about fundraisers and events. Get more people to your next fundraiser or event by adding your event to our event calendar for FREE!


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There are a lot of great fundraisers and event happening in Lake Highlands. Read the latest about Lake Highlands Non-Profits and fundraisers on our blog.

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There are a lot of great events taking place in Lake Highlands. Get all the news here.

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