It Makes Good Sense for Businesses to Become Part of the Community

Most businesses exist in order to make a profit for their owners and public companies exist to benefit their shareholders.  It’s not required for businesses to donate or partner with non-profits, it’s just good business.  As businesses, consumers and nonprofits all coexist in the same community, it only makes sense that when a new business or new location of an existing business opens that they reach out to community leaders to learn about how they can fit into and benefit the community they are doing business in. When local business and corporations work together to support local non-profits, a lot of good things can happen.  For the business, working with non-profits in the community can increase patronage of their businesses and solidify community ties.  Because they are seen as members of the community, businesses that have close ties to the communities that they do business in have a greater probability of long-term success and can weather cyclical downturns in the economy that forces other businesses to close.

A great example of this is the $5,000 that Texas Health Resources announced that it will be donating to the Lake Highlands High School Band. A $5,000 donation to the local High School’s band can go a long way in helping them meet or exceed their fundraising goals and set them on sound financial future for today and well into the future. While Texas Health Resources isn’t a new business in the area (Presbyterian Hospital on Walnut Hill is one of their flagship hospitals), its new Emergency Care location at the corner of Plano Rd and E. NorthWest Highway is new to the community.

Every non-profit should be looking for unique ways to partner with businesses in the community.   Many non-profits and school PTAs use events such as dining nights at local restaurants to raise funds for their non-profit.  Think creatively…. how can your non-profit work with a local business in a mutually beneficial way to accomplish the goals of both entities? It takes some creativity but it can be done.

As part of welcoming the Texas Health Emergency Room to the Lake Highlands community, there will be an open house and ribbon cutting Thursday, September 29th at 10:30am.  The Lake Highlands High School band will be there to play and to add to the festive environment.

From the Lake Highlands Chamber
Please join us and welcome Texas Health Emergency Room to LH. Join us Thursday to hear the LH Band, eat at Ruthies, and be apart of Ribbon Cutting ceremony. Also, Texas Health will be handing over a $5,000 check to the LH Band. Wow!  Business is growing and impacting LH.

What a great day and line up of events.  We appreciate businesses that see the positive economic impact they can make in LH. This is open to the public!
Join us Thursday and let’s support local business.

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