Lake Highlands Gives Back

Lake Highlands Gives Back

What is Lake Highlands Gives Back? 
If you have been checking out our website you already know that Lake Highlands is home to a number of wonderful non-profits.  While you might already be involved in volunteering or providing financial support for one of these non-profits, not everyone has committed to helping.

Lake Highlands Gives Back will consist of several things:

  • Non-Profit Expo – an opportunity for non-profits to meet with potential volunteers, donors and beneficiaries.  Date: TBD
  • Giving Back Day – on this day, the Lake Highlands community will be encouraged to “Give Back” by volunteering or making a contribution to a local, Lake Highlands Non-Profit.  Date: TBD

If you work for a non-profit in Lake Highlands and have an interest in being a part of Lake Highlands Gives Back you can contact us here. Also, make sure your non-profit is listed in the Helping Lake Highlands Directory.

We also need volunteers to help with the organization of the Non-Profit Expo and Giving Back Day. You can contact us here if you have an interest in volunteering.

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