Mama Chicken’s Kitchen – Needs Sides for 10/2 Homeless Event

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We have a local company, CRC BBQ, lined up to donate food to the homeless in downtown Dallas on 10/2. We,, successfully fed 75-100 people last month and are lined up to feed another 100 next month! Though the main food is being donated, we are collecting donations of sides (large bags of chips to dish out and drinks) and paper plates and napkins to help dish out the food. If anyone wants to donate any of these items, please email me!

Here is some additional information about Mama Chicken’s Kitchen
Mama Chicken’s Kitchen is an official 501(c)(3) nonprofit, and exists with one goal in mind:

Getting food, clothing and helpful supplies directly
to the homeless on the streets of Dallas. 100% of everything donated is taken downtown and handed directly to homeless people.

The organization is named in honor of Jane “Mama Chicken” McMahon, who cared deeply about the less fortunate. Mama is close to our hearts as we make a small difference in the lives of people living on the streets of our city.

Donations may include, but are not limited to:
– Canned food, fresh fruits
– Clothing, supplies, reusable bottles for water
– Gift cards for Subway, etc.
– Anything that would help someone on the
– streets. Get creative




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Brian Hasenbauer