The Background Story of Lake Highlands Restaurant Week

Two years ago, during an Exchange Club of Lake Highlands meeting, the topic was new restaurants in Lake Highlands (Shady’s, Lake Highlands Creamery and Frank’s Tacos were there). I asked a simple question.

“What are your plans for promoting your restaurants after the initial buzz wears off?”  Each of the answers sounded really good at the time and each one went back to “great food” and “great customer service”.  I was somewhat skeptical at the time and the marketer in me really questioned the ability to continuously drive traffic with just great food and great customer service.  Even with that, the chances for success of a new restaurant can sometimes be an uphill battle.

A few days later, I got to thinking back to these same questions when I was eating at Shady’s and noticed that the parking lot at Neighbor’s Casual Kitchen seemed empty.  I began to ask myself, “how can we support so many new restaurants within our community and make sure they not only survive but thrive?”  That’s when the idea hit me… what if there was a way to promote the great restaurants in Lake Highlands that we love so much and really let them know how important their businesses are to the community?  And what if a portion of the proceeds generated that week went back to area non-profits and elevated their profiles in the community?

Lake Highlands Chamber of Commerce Gets Involved
When I mentioned the idea of a Lake Highlands Restaurant Week at a Lake Highland Chamber of Commerce Board Meeting, the idea was well received and we decided to move forward. With some great input and guidance from the LH Chamber Board and a few conversations with a few restaurants and non-profits it seemed to be an idea that just might work.  The part that the LH Chamber liked the most about the idea was that it provided a great mix of economic development and support for local businesses with giving back to the community.

It’s a pretty simple idea… eat at a restaurant and help give back to the community.  With the help of the community, we intend to make Lake Highlands Restaurant Week a great event for our local restaurants and our non-profits.  Thanks in advance to all of the organizations, churches, and groups that will be having events at participating restaurants during the week of April 23 – April 29th. 

How Can You Help? 

It’s a pretty simple concept, eat at a participating restaurant during the week of April 23 – 29th and you have done your part.  If you want to do more than that, here are a few ideas:

Plan a Meet Up or Event Between April 23 – April 29th at a Participating Restaurant
This doesn’t have to be elaborate. Get your friends together for lunch or dinner or just a night out.
Of if you are the head of a neighborhood association, PTA, church or civic group, set up a time to meet that week. Not only will you get to see your friends or neighbors but you will know that some of your money is going to local non-profits.
Create a Facebook Event, invite everyone you know.
Promote Lake Highlands Restaurant Week Facebook Page
Invite friends to Like the page.
Use the handy “Invite Friends to Like Page Link”
Promote the Event Page
Invite Friends or Share in Newsfeed

Request a Yard Sign
If you want to show your support for Lake Highlands Restaurant Week, you can request a yard sign.
We will put out the sign in your yard starting April 1, 2018.

Click here to request a yard sign.

Thanks for your support of local Lake Highlands Restaurants, local non-profits and Lake Highlands Restaurant Week.

See you April 23 – April 29th at a participating restaurant.




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Brian Hasenbauer