The Importance of North Texas Giving Day

North Texas Giving Day is coming up on September 22nd and non-profits around North Texas have been sending out emails and publishing information to social media to remind all of their current and potential donors about this important day.  Why does North Texas Giving Day mean so much to many of these organizations?

One of the reasons why almost every non-profit wants to participate in North Texas Giving Day is the bonus funds that are available each year. These matching funds mean that for every donation between $25 to $50,000 the chosen non-profit receives an extra 7.5%.  Receiving an additional 7.5% of donations on that day can mean a lot to a local non-profit and can help them more effectively carry out their mission.  Another one of the benefits that non-profits receive from participating in North Texas Giving Day is the amount of press coverage and visibility that the event gets throughout the area.  This additional coverage, while not specifically about any single non-profit, benefits each non-profit that’s participating.

For the most part, it’s left up to each non-profit to market themselves to their donor base and to let them know that they are participating in North Texas Giving Day.  This is one of the reasons why you may have seen so many emails in your inbox and lots of posts about North Texas Giving Day on social media.  Every non-profit in the North Texas area that’s participating needs to help get the word out.

How to Find a Lake Highland’s Non-Profit
While there isn’t specifically a way to sort by Lake Highlands non-profits participating in this year’s North Texas Giving Day, you can probably find your favorite Lake Highlands non-profits on this list.

Here is some additional information about North Texas Giving Day…. and remember, whatever you can contribute on September 22nd to your favorite or most cherished organization is appreciated and it’s people like you that are making a difference. So if you make a contribution on North Texas Giving Day, know that  your donation is going a little further and helping a little more and North Texas thanks you!


What is North Texas Giving Day?
North Texas Giving Day is an online giving event for people across the nation (and the world!) to come together to raise as much money as possible for North Texas nonprofits on one day: September 22, 2016. In seven years, North Texas Giving Day has pumped $119 million into the North Texas community. In 2015, $33 million was raised through more than 118,000 gifts benefiting 2,020 nonprofits.

Bonus Funds are Raised From Scratch Each Year
Bonus funds are a powerful incentive for people to give on North Texas Giving Day. In 2015, $2.2 million in bonus funding meant every gift from $25 to $50,000 earned an extra 7.5% for their chosen nonprofit. We need your help to make Giving Day 2016 the biggest and best Giving Day ever by contributing to the bonus pool.

When is North Texas Giving Day?
Giving Day 2016 is Thursday, September 22, from 6 AM Central – Midnight.

Who created North Texas Giving Day?
Communities Foundation of Texas, a leading 63-year-old community foundation headquartered in Dallas, TX, created North Texas Giving Day in 2009. North Texas Giving Day was one of the first—and is the largest—community-wide giving days in the country.

Where is North Texas Giving Day?
North Texas Giving Day is an online event. Most of the activity will take place via this website.



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