The Role Restaurants Play in Our Communities

When you look at some of the best places to live in America, you will find that there are certain commonalities.  Great schools, plenty of green space and parks, nice houses, a booming economy and a wide selection of restaurants. Restaurants in particular, play a special place in our thriving communities because they allow for us to come out of our homes and offices (and get off of Facebook) and get to see each other in person and to create bonds that can last a lifetime.  As a community, we need more than National Night Out to spend time with our neighbors and engage with those in our community.

Local restaurants in communities such as Lake Highlands have become a focal point for family dinners and brunch as well as a great meeting place for organizations and networking events.  For instance, the Lake Highlands Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors meets regularly at JJ’s Cafe and has it’s monthly forum at Neighbor’s Casual Kitchen.  Without these places for small groups to meet up, many wouldn’t have a place to go. Without a vibrant restaurant community, we certainly wouldn’t have as strong of a community that comes together in good times and bad times.


Since the beginning of time, dinnertime was a time when families would come together and share how their day went, celebrate successes and discuss difficult issues.  As we have become busier and it’s become more challenging to get families together for a sit-down meal, this time has become even more precious for families.  Communities that have family-friendly restaurants, like Lake Highlands, allows for families to go out and not just spend time with each other but to visit with neighbors, classmates and others that are dining at the same restaurant.  These are not just places to eat, they are places to develop relationships and to celebrate the best of what our community has to offer.


Events and Networking

Restaurants have always been a place where members of organizations such as Rotary Clubs and the local Chamber of Commerce meet and where they host Happy Hours and events for members.  The ability to get your co-workers, colleagues and members of an organization together around good food (and drink) can’t be underrated. This is especially true if your boss or the head of your organization is picking up the tab, even better.

During the Lake Highlands Restaurant Week, April 24 – April 30th, we encourage you to eat at one of the participating restaurants or plan an event or get together with your co-workers or organization.  Not only does it help the restaurants that are an intricate part of our community but it also helps several local non-profits.

If we want to continue on building a community with strong foundations, we need to make sure that we have family and business friendly restaurants where we can meet and get to know our neighbors a little better. 


It’s a pretty simple concept, eat at a participating restaurant during the week of April 24 – 30th and you have done your part.  If you want to do more than that, here are a few ideas:

Plan a Meet Up or Event Between April 24 – April 30th at a Participating Restaurant 

This doesn’t have to be elaborate.  Get your friends together for lunch or dinner or just a night out.  

Of if you are the head of a neighborhood association, PTA or civic group, set up a time to meet that week.  Not only will you get to see your friends or neighbors but you will know that some of your money is going to local non-profits.

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Request a Yard Sign 

If you want to show your support for Lake Highlands Restaurant Week, you can request a yard sign.
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Brian Hasenbauer