Why Helping Lake Highlands? Why Now?

I’ve lived in Lake Highlands for about 10 years and consider it home.  My children both attend Wallace Elementary and are excited about going to Lake Highlands High School in a few years. Having a community that I consider home for me and my family is extremely important to me.  I didn’t have that growing up as I’m the son of a Naval commander that traveled the world and spent time in Cuba, Florida, Rhode Island, Spain and Virginia. All before I was in my teens.

I love the small town feel that Lake Highlands has. The 4th of July Parade, being able to catch up with neighbors at the Friday Night football games and the way we come together and take care of each other. Don’t get me wrong, the Lake Highlands community isn’t a utopia or free from crime, poverty or tragedies. No, it’s a community where those with a lot, live next to those without much.

For those in need of help, there has been a lot of talk about needing to have a “safety net” for those that are struggling and need assistance. A safety net however, sometimes has the unintended consequence of trapping those it’s supposed to support and doesn’t allow them to get out.  This is why a better way to think about how we can help those needing assistance is creating a “trampoline” that can catch those needing assistance and propel them back onto their feet and at a higher altitude.  We need to be able to boost people up and not hold them down.

Finding resources when in need can sometimes be difficult and public assistance or seeking aid from the government isn’t always that best or most efficient place to turn when there are so many great non-profit organizations that can help.  It’s been proven time and time again that non-profits and private organizations do a better job than the government does when solving most problems.  Government usually isn’t the solution, it’s usually the problem.

However, if those needing assistance don’t know about the help and assistance that’s available from non-profits in Lake Highlands, they can’t get the help they need.  This is one reason why we started Helping Lake Highlands.

Another reason we started Helping Lake Highlands is that non-profits don’t have a lot of marketing and resources to effectively conduct outreach campaigns and activities within the community.  So while these non-profits have great missions and can do a lot of help for the community they tend to be unknown to both those that need assistance and those that want to help financially or by volunteering.  Helping Lake Highlands helps to serve as a way for non-profits to amplify their outreach efforts to those needing assistance and to those wanting to help.

Connecting Those in Need
The mission of Helping Lake Highlands is to help those in need find the resources they need in order to get the help they need to make a better life for themselves and their families.

Connecting Those That Want to Help
Another one of our initiatives is to provide information about how YOU can help!  We live in a caring community looking for opportunities to volunteer and provide financial support.  We want to be able to highlight volunteer opportunities available within Lake Highland’s non-profit community and to promote events and fundraisers being held in our community.

If you have a need or want to help, visit the Helping Lake Highlands Directory.



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Brian Hasenbauer